Remember When

e7eb0497d808d6a9bc2080d6c56624c8I was listening to a podcast last night by Elevation Church and in it the pastor said that we need to be sharing the stories of the goodness of God in our lives; and if we’re not, then we are liable to forget God’s faithfulness . Now I’ll admit, I tend to be more of a listener and question-asker than a talker and verbal storyteller – just my natural gravitation. But as I thought about that statement I realized how long it had been since I sat down with some friends or family and said, “Remember that time that God did…”

So, in this blogosphere of words I have decided to start my storytelling of God’s faithfulness here in this post – and aim to carry it into some upcoming conversations.

Ready? Remember when…

*I was adjusting to living away from home for the first time and God gave me a wonderful church family with just the right group of friends to help me adjust? They were quirky and funny and challenged me in my giftings – just what I needed.

*God protected me from all the wrong guys so He can bring the right one?

*I was stressed about renting my townhouse after my intended renters fell through at the last minute, and He provided a great couple?

*I needed the courage to face the conflict, and He helped me?

*I didn’t have the money to go on the humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic, but He provided, and it changed my life?

*God helped me forgive

*God led me to a great mechanic that I used and trusted for years

*I had the money to be a blessing to someone else, and still plenty left over to take care of my needs?

*I had a broken heart and God sent me amazing friends and family, and the strength of His Word to carry me through that season?

*I needed an encouraging word and it was brought by a random stranger…. Several times!?

*I contracted mono and work was flexible and I had short-term leave with pay?

*God allowed me to take a dream time away in England, twice, as though He was bestowing a private gift, just for me?

*God protected me when the accident could’ve been way worse?

*God led me through decision after decision, even if I didn’t understand the why behind it…or know the potential outcome?!

*Remember when God never failed me or left me on my own but always gave me hope that He would sort things out – He would fight for me?

Time and time again God has been so faithful, yet when decision time comes again, it can be so easy to worry and doubt or reside in fear – forgetting that God has already proven His strength and faithfulness to us before. Multiple times.

Perhaps you need to join me and make your own remember when list?


A Marley & Me Moment

I had the privilege to grow up with many pets. A sorrel horse named Flicka; several farm dogs (a.k.a “mutts”) that captured our hearts until they went on to “doggie heaven”, and a fat cat I called Grey. Throw in the several cattle, chicken, sheep,  pigs on their way to the table, and the occasional skunk and coyote – our farm had them all at some point. They became a part of the family and are now a part of the image I have of my childhood.

Though my current single-30-year-old-travelling life doesn’t involve having my own kids or pets at this point in time … I can relate to that familial feeling and how precious it is.

The last few days I have been nursing a cold that I caught in the rain of Southampton last week. I decided to rent a few movies today from the Library and one of them happened to be “Marley and Me”. I’ve seen it before, remembered the gist of it, but hadn’t prepared myself for the fresh emotion!

This movie portrays family values, sticking and working through things together, and loving the life you have … even if it means a wild Yellow Lab is chewing on your couch cushions while you madly love your wife, life and kids.

I especially loved the final scene of reflection in the vet clinic where John is saying good-bye to Marley telling him, “You know how we always said you were a bad dog. Don’t believe it. You loved us ever day of our lives no matter what.”

I’m not going to pull anything deep or spiritual from this. Just that for me — I know I could do better at loving the life I have and this season of life even more, rather than always wanting something more. Or even the “next” season of life. This movie was a great curl-up-get-over-a-cold kind of movie to remind me of that 😉

So good night fellow readers, signing off, thankful for where I’m at….

Words like a snowflake***

I left the house this morning on the lookout for opportunities to be kind. Thinking. For some reason in my mind it needs to be tangible. Like giving a gift.  But perhaps being kind reaches outside the  box I’ve wrapped it in and can come much differently than I imagined. A feeling or emotion could be changed. A word that touches softly like a winter snowflake – simple enjoyment but no stain.

I lied in bed last night thinking about what I can do at work to be kind. I decided to try send each coworker a note on different days of kind words, encouragement and how they’ve been such a great part of our team. I began with our wonderful admin assistant whom I really adore. The words brought her huge smiles, a hug to me, and at the end of the day when we walked out she thanked me again and told me how much words mean to her. For some, words are a lifelong treasure.

How easily it easy to encourage someone. How easy it is to find something to be thankful for. Something to brighten a day upon. For I am certain that every day here on earth there will be someone that will need a smile.