I totally cheated … and made a mealy cake

Almost three weeks in to my #foodforskinmamma no sugar/dairy/wheat journey … and I totally cheated this past weekend. Good multigrain bread was had, an ice cream treat was had (we were out)… I share this with you because I’d hate for you to think I did this seamlessly! Since I am breastfeeding, I find I need the carbs from grains, so I’ve done my best to do gluten-free (found some great crackers!) or sprouted grain bread. I think my main concern or test has been over sugar and dairy anyway.

To date, no real difference noticed, in fact I think it’s gotten worse! My skin is dry, and I know I need something better topically, but I hesitated to change up things too much externally, as I won’t know what internal changes made a difference! I know that my water consumption could also be increased.

My folks stayed over a couple nights last week, and I tried two new dessert recipes. Apparently I can’t visit and bake at the same time! Oh multitasking; we have an ongoing complicated relationship don’t we? My Mom was snuggling Elizabeth, and I was trying to get this chocolate cake in the oven. Well, I read the first ingredient (water) as the flour portions, and didn’t realize until I was half way into the recipe. I tried to go back and increase the portions of everything else, but was left with a rather ‘meal-y’ tasting cake! Coconut flour is very tricky to begin with, I find. I took my parents to a pioneer fair, thus the cheeky blog photo today 😉

This no-bake brownie bar is delicious! It tastes something like an Eatmore bar and was super easy to make; best kept in the fridge! I halved the recipe as I only had so many dates, and it made about 8 small squares, enough to satisfy a sweet tooth! We went for a picnic down by a river with some friends and those brownies definitely came along!

Here are a few recipes I am excited to try this week:

*Buckwheat bread (despite its name, buckwheat is not in the wheat family and is high in fibre and nutrients!). I made this bread yesterday and it didn’t look like I thought it would. And I’m still undecided on the taste of buckwheat. Maybe with honey…

*Banana cream pie chia pudding

*Something to do with barley, as I have some in the pantry and am curious to cook with it!

*I plan to ‘juice’ more this week, using anti-inflammatory foods

*Bone broth – I am on the hunt for this at our local organic food store, or will order from Amazon.

On with the #foodforskinmamma journey…


One week later and homemade spaghetti sauce (or something like that)

Good day all!

Well, one week in to the #foodforskinmamma journey of no sugar/dairy/wheat and I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference yet to be honest. Rather disappointing. It’s such a learning curve, and I’ve definitely flubbed up a couple times on the wheat spectrum (hello, ordering turkey NOODLE soup!) I’ve done my best. On the weekend I was pretty cranky with cravings and near wanted to give up (already, sigh). Troy said to me, “Hun, you’ve got this! This is the best way to know if your body doesn’t like something.” I may have teared up when he said that. And I know, I know, I won’t stop until the month is up.

*Cue instant gratification music*

I am learning about buckwheat flour, how to make the most of my daughter’s nap times (they are short around here), and that eating healthy as a new mamma is a challenge! Prep, grocery shopping, meal planning… takes time! So, I’m doing my best. And Elizabeth has enjoyed sitting in her bumbo watching Mommy create 😉

Yesterday, I made a chicken lentil soup, and took the recipe as a guide, and put it in the crockpot all day. It ended up more like stew because I put more veggies than required, but it still got me some protein and I was able to freeze some for later! Along with the soup, while Elizabeth was enjoying playing before bedtime, I made these tortillas to go with it. I’ve never done them before, so I’d say they ended up tasting better than they looked!  I also have been missing the crunch of cereal, so I found this recipe for some granola. Again, mine doesn’t look that pretty, but it’s healthy and will suffice 😉

Last night I made a spaghetti sauce of sorts, along with rice pasta shells, and it wasn’t half bad! I kind of threw everything in haphazardly, but here is what I came up with …

3 Roma tomatoes

½ zuccinni

1 green onion

handful of fresh parsley

garlic salt



1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbsp (approx.) honey

salt to taste

I must say, it was tangy and full of flavor, thanks to that ACV!

Onward with this #foodforskinmamma journey…

“I want ice cream, stat” says this #foodforskinmamma

Good Saturday morning all! Before my world awakes, I wanted to share a quick update of things I’m noticing on my #foodforskinmamma journey.

  • I really want a bowl of ice cream. Like, now. I said to Troy last night, “Those oreos would taste sooooo good in that ice cream!” As kids, we used to crush the cookie part of the oreo into vanilla ice cream and make our own blizzards. Seriously having sugar cravings the past few days, especially for ice cream. The other night I quickly made these no-bake fudge cookies (without the coconut flakes as I didn’t have any on hand) and they have satisfied my sweet tooth the last couple of nights! I also made this yummy beet salad with supper. I recently started liking beets, and my husband says that if you close your eyes, they actually taste like corn on the cob! True, true. My spinach froze in the fridge, so I used green beans instead. Here’s the recipe for that.
  • The other thing I am noticing is I actually feel more full. Which is a rarity, since I am breastfeeding. I usually feel like I am always hungry. I know that’s normal, since I burn as many calories as a 2km hike every day (I read this somewhere at some point). But I wake up more full and go to bed more full! I guess if I’m not stuffing myself with empty carbs and filling myself with more nutrient-dense snacks and food, it must be filling me up more!
  • My skin still feels tight and a little dry, but I don’t think I’ve had any new breakouts in the past few days! Hurray!

Even if it is just hormones of breastfeeding (which the majority of my skin issues are hormonal I believe), cutting out sugar/dairy and wheat will never hurt. I am still eating sprouted grain bread and cooked oats for breakfast (fill you up and good for nursing mamma!). At the end of the month, at least I may be closer to targeting what causes my skin issues to spike!

Thank you for reading my little indulges of sharing to whomever listens on the other side of this screen. May you steer your life well, run to Jesus in all things, and love this Saturday in whatever it brings you!

My 30 day food and skin care change up

Me and my girl

Oh to have the skin of a baby, hey? This is me, au natural, to give you an idea of where I am at, starting day 1.


As some of you know, I have struggled with skin issues since I was 12-years-old. It’s been now 23 years of on and off break-outs, dealing with scars, and trouble-shooting the cause. So. Annoying.

I blogged a little over a year ago about my skin, when I started using Rodan & Fields and found success. The thing is… a) It’s not natural in any way b) It’s a temporary fix, only working when you’re using it. As soon as you stop using it, breakouts happen again c) It’s an expensive US product.

Since getting pregnant and now breastfeeding, I feel like I’ve taken the seriousness of my health to a whole new level. And I love it! I love good food. God has given us such an array of beautiful food not only for enjoyment, but for our body’s nourishment. But I also have indulged in sweets and all the ice cream a summer can hold. I’m burning all these calories nursing, right? 😉

The past 6-8 weeks my skin has taken a turn for the worse again, and I’m at a loss. I have been using coconut oil as a wash for almost a year (which I love!), along with Witch Hazel (using that fairly recently), essential oils, and as much natural healers as I can (oats, honey, etc). Since I am nursing, it could very well be hormones, but I also know different things we eat will affect our hormone levels. Like…sugar, dairy, wheat (that breaks down into sugar in our bodies). Can you tell I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out the cause? Alllllll these years.

So, I’ve decided the one thing I haven’t done (and all dermatologists have recommended), is to cut out sugar/dairy/wheat. For the next 30 days (August 10-September 10), my goal is to eat a more raw food diet along with good proteins like beans and grass-fed meat (as much as I can find and budget will allow!).

I’ve received the go-ahead from my doctor’s office, and am excited and hopeful for how this could help! I will share recipes I find and try, along with the frustrations and the victories 😉 You can follow along on Instagram with #foodforskinmamma

This morning’s breakfast was steel-cut oats with mango and blackberries. I’ve never made steel-cut oats so they overflowed in the microwave to a pasty texture. Here’s to new beginnings tomorrow 😉 Lunch was this yummy avacado lentil salad and this is what I have planned for supper, only with brown rice. Am I the only one whose recipes NEVER look like the picture!? Oh, and I also made these energy bites yesterday that helps satisfy my sweet tooth. I’ve made them several times before and LOVE them!

Now, excuse me while I go and shush my crying 4-month-old daughter.