Mommy & Me: Truly and her Mamma

We were out for a girls’ night to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a yummy restaurant, with a table full of Mom’s and a newborn baby girl in the mix. As we got talking about taking photos of ourselves with our little ones, we commented on how it’s often only selfies – if we even make it into the photo with our beloved child! SO much heart and soul gets poured into our babes from feeding to diapers to reading and playing, and we’re hardly in any photos to remember it (visually!).

That’s where this idea came from – to offer Mommy & Me photography sessions that capture the everyday moments of nurturing and caring for our little ones. This session is ideally meant to be used in the first year of your baby’s life – but capturing “home life” would be fun too!

Introducing, Jen and her sweet six-month-old, Truly Rue. With two older brothers, Truly will be dearly loved and protected!


The “T” Family

I’ve had the honour to photograph this family since the oldest was just a baby. They’ve become a family I deeply admire and enjoy time with, whenever I can. They love the Lord and are authentic – an amazing combination. I just love them! We recently took a walk through the trees at sunset and captured them once again. Beautiful family hey?! Presenting, the Thulien Family, 2015.

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Faces of 2014

Last year was a year of less photography for me (you know…planning a wedding in 3 months and moving to a new city takes one’s time!), but there were still some beautiful faces, families and moments captured. I am honoured to be asked by those who did! I realized I hardly shared many of the portraits, so I wanted to do one blog post sharing some highlights of 2014… Thank you again, for bringing me into your vulnerable spaces of homes, hearts, and hugs…

Faces of 2014

Sweet Baby Kaisa


_MG_9563 _MG_9705 _MG_9764

The Kabut Family_MG_9507 _MG_9439 _MG_9405


Parker Fox and Family

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My sister and James had their first baby, Lily Jane. She is a long-awaited gift and we love her to bits!_MG_0699 _MG_0664 _MG_0659


Lily1 _MG_0968_faded _MG_0964_faded _MG_0951


The Flaman Family


The Greenberg Family


Tammy, Gary and the Kids

_MG_0907 _MG_0795



The Willie Family


_MG_0116 _MG_0127 _MG_0216_cropped _MG_0200 _MG_0012


The McArthur Family

_MG_1653_2 _MG_1685


The Schmidt Family

_MG_1521_faded _MG_1608 _MG_1398 _MG_1411



Thank you again!

~ Lani