Mommy’s measuring stick

It’s hard to believe, but in a matter of 2-3 weeks we will be meeting our daughter. I’ve dreamed of this little one for years, and so has Troy. But even better, God has dreamed of this moment in time when He would give us our daughter!

My pregnancy has been stress-free with wonderful doctor check-ups, regular weight gain (okay, okay, I’ve sure loved the sweets!), and other than nausea in the beginning; I’ve felt pretty great overall. With doing some contract work from home, helping Troy with business, and being a homemaker, it’s provided me with a time of peace before our little bundle arrives!


Becoming a mommy at 35, there are umpteen people around me – wonderful mothers – that I have been able to glean from. Learn from. Ask questions of. And still at the end of the day, no one has all the answers, and everyone’s experiences (and kids!) are so different.

I wanted to share a snippet of a note from my sister-in-law, who lives in Michigan, as she shared some thoughts in a letter read at my baby shower. I read it again recently and it made me tear up, because it is oh so true. And I’m pretty certain there might be other mammas out there who need to hear this…

“…So, as a mom, it is all about Him (Jesus). While your adventure as a mom may take many twists and turns as you learn the ropes – remember that He defines success and failure. Every day will be one that is perfectly ordained by Him and a gift from Him. Remembering this will make the good and bad days all worth every drop of blood, sweat, tears, or spit up. You’ll get so many questions from other moms about how you are doing, what you are doing, what stage your baby is at, if they can crawl, walk, talk, eat on their own and subconsciously you may feel like you are standing next to a huge measuring stick. You are little peanut’s mom, living in grace, parenting how the Lord leads you and you don’t need to ever feel like He has made a mistake in how He’s leading you to parent or how she is growing and learning. He is ordaining every step of the way – not others…”

If you’re out there in the mommy world, or entering into it soon like I am, let’s remember that Jesus will show us moment by moment how to do what we need to do for our little ones. That although there are copious amounts of books, Pinterest boards and people who will tell us this that and the other, at the end of the day, God has entrusted these little ones to us.

As I look into her little room that awaits her wee body, I breathe a sigh of anticipation… I can hardly wait to see who she looks like, who she becomes, and how Troy and I grow on this adventure together! xo


Rammy Bulls | Singing Crickets | Coffeed Up … A Father’s Day Tribute

I have a special relationship with my Dad. If he cries, I cry. If I cry, he cries. Dad is 6’1 and a big teddy bear.

He recently told me, “You’ll always be special.” I’m not totally certain what he meant by that, but I know the glistening in his eyes said bucket loads of love for me.

As a young girl of about four years old, I was riding with Daddy one summer and our truck was almost out of gas (forgive me Dad if I tell this wrong!). As a little one, I had the biggest faith. Apparently I prayed with Daddy that we would get home safely, and we did. It was raw childlike faith, and my Dad never forgot that moment, and tears up every time he tells me about it!

I remember watching my Dad harvest the field year after year, as Mom and us kids would bring him a hot meal to the field – and perhaps take a round or two on the combine with him before bed. I remember Mom teaching me to sing harmony in the cool of the grain truck– with all the million crickets around us – as we waited for Dad to come with another load of grain. I remember Dad shooting the skunks that dared invade the yard. Branding the herd of calves as our own. Him and Mom pouring umpteen amounts of coffee for neighbours that stopped by without notice.

I remember Dad and Mom taking us to church every Sunday because that’s what you do when you love the Lord and want to live right. I remember Dad picking up the bill, many times, as we had Sunday lunch with friends.

I remember riding in the pick-up truck rumbling through the pasture counting our cows, watching the sun set over the hill. Perhaps we rammed a stubborn bull as well 😉  I remember us driving over a dip in the pasture and Dad saying proudly how we had our own “Taylor Field”. Back then, I watched football and bled green. I was so proud I knew the name of the Manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders at such a young age!

I remember at Christmas family get-togethers Dad ALWAYS managed to pick the female gifts from the pile of goodies. Hairbrushes, jewellery, perfumes. As I grew up, I got quite excited when it came Dad’s turn to pick a gift at a Chinese gift exchange because I knew I would reap some of the benefits!

My Dad is hardworking, long loving, and generous and has given me years and years, along with Mom, of good memories to recall.

Even now, if you visit the farm, and stay in our guest room, there is a nice gun rack to face the bed. See, he is still protecting. 😉 I look forward to when I can bring a man home to that room and have a good laugh.

He always provided, protected and loved, as a good Father should. As Father’s Day approaches, I just want to thank my Dad – and all the men out there – who go on Daddy-daughter dates, provide, care for, fight for, and give their children countless memories to look back on as adults. You are cherished.

Daddy, your little girl still loves you. Thank you for all the good memories, and here’s to many more years of new ones!

Crumpled notes from Daddy

It’s a crumpled up piece of paper worn thin from years of being used as a bookmark or stuffed in random books. It has several colors of ink and a couple different types of handwriting. One is my Dad’s beautiful script, and one is my scribbles from when I was a little girl.

I have had this piece of paper stuffed in my Bible for a long time, and just the other day actually tried to decipher what notes my Dad had written.  I’ve scribbled all over his paper with random hearts, “I love you.”

As I was curled up in bed the other night, ready to bid adieu to the damp English eve, I pondered this scribble piece of paper. The title reads, “The Basics of Trusteeship”.

I have been writing down thoughts and wants for 2012. As I studied this sheet of paper two sentences my Dad wrote on this worn sheet some 25 years ago, jumped out at me, “Be sure and look at your mandate. Know your authority.”

Notes from my Dad’s (aka… Daddio) paper years ago were what I needed to hear in that moment. So what did that mean to me?

For 2012, be sure and look at YOUR mandate. Not someone else’s. What is YOUR purpose?  Remember who you are and walk boldly  in that.

I had literally JUST asked God for something to lead this year off, and moments later I found this worn note in my Bible. I took it as Jesus knowing exactly what I needed in that moment.

So this goes out to all you daughters. Whether your Daddy is still in the picture of your life, or not – you are still a daughter. I know for certain that God would love to give you a hug to jumpstart your year. Or, jumpstart your life.

Some of us daughters like pretty things right down to the shoes, handbag and dress all to be matching.

Some of us prefer to rustle up the cattle on horseback and ride off into the sunset. Of course, we would have our own horse.

Some would rather sit by a campfire with our guitar and friends until all we see is the starry night sky and embers of a once-there-fire.

Some of us have babies. Some of us have found the love of our life. And some of us are happily single and open to Mr. Perfect-For-Me if he comes along.

And some of us daughters, might need a word from our God to jump start the year. Well, I can guarantee, if you ask, He will answer.

Daughter to daughter, we’ve got what it takes to make 2012 amazing!

Be sure to look at your mandate. Know your authority.


His Daughters’ Heart

He takes her hand, it fits perfectly.
She looks up at him, and says, “Daddy, which way?”
“Just hold my hand. You’ll see.”
She takes a deep breath and jumps knowing she’ll be okay.

The wind swept her hair, and rattled her view.
For a while she didn’t know which way to go.
But she knew her daddy’s voice and when to watch for his cue.
As the wind died down, calm came in, and she was made whole.

The fire blazed through her heart and shook up what she thought was truth.
She looked for her father, but couldn’t see where he’d gone.
She fell to her knees, and prayed. Albeit, uncouth.
A cool rain came to quench the flame leading her where she needed to be all along.

When her breath was caught, she cried out “Daddy, I can’t see you!”
The earthquake shook and she stumbled. Wondering what she had done wrong.
Wanting to turn back, but no quitter was she. She would go through.
After what felt like the last straw, came the most beautiful song.

For up ahead was her Daddy. Smiling. Waiting. Arms open wide.
“I thought you had left me Daddy. This journey we started. Where did you go?”
Upon embrace, a tear escaped, and everything came crashing, even her pride.
Her daddy looked at her with wild love and excitement, then held her close.

“My how you’ve grown, my daughter, my girl.
I know it’s been hard what you have walked through.
But look how tall you are! You look so strong, alive and thrilled.
You knew my voice. You knew what was inside.  You knew you couldn’t lose.

And now that you have walked a path that felt alone, you know you can trust.
My daughter, I would never leave my girl on her own!
You are my gem. My treasure. I spent a lot of time thinking you up!
Never forget, Daddy knows his daughters’ heart, and will always lead her home.”