Dear sweet six-month-old Gabe

To celebrate the six-month-birthday of sweet Gabriel Zechariah (Gabe) and his obviously adorable rolls, his mamma and I headed down to a favourite spot of mine for a quick mini-session. He is rolling over and almost crawling already! With two big siblings to keep up to, it’s no wonder. Happy six-months sweet boy!



Always be brave

May you always be brave and try new things.
Choosing to fly on life’s given wings.

May you know that you can do hard and wondrous tasks,
And that life steps up to those who ask.

May you delight in the simple, but find beauty in the complicated.
And live life with open arms, ungated.

May you love with all your heart, dear girl.
Every person impacted by your compassionate cheeky twirl.

You are loved, and always will be.
Our daughter, brave Lizzie.

This past week my daughter and I “went home to the farm” to visit my folks, and she got to see horses for the first time. She was so brave and curious, and I was so proud of her!

My big sister: Mommy & Me photo session

Love. My sister, Rhonalyn, loves loves her family. When we were little, we used to race off the school bus to see who could get to the house the fastest to hold our new baby brother (I was 6 and she was 9 when he was born). We’d say, “I get to hold him first!” She always won. 😉

She is the kind of sister who worries about you when you’re away. Brings a gift for you when she sees you. Is extremely compassionate and very hard working. She has two teenage step-sons who were at school when we did this shoot, but they are like her own. And we love that they are a part of our family now too! But these girls. Lily and Ellie. They light up my sister’s world. These are a few photos we snapped when Elizabeth and I recently visited!

You hear my sister often before you see her. Her laugh precedes her.

She is the motorbike sister, I am the moped.

She is the spice, I am the sugar.

She says hot, I’d say cold. We couldn’t be more different, yet we love each other to bits, and are thrilled to be new mammas at the same time!

Sister, I love you. I know these aren’t the kind of photos you frame. They are the kind you keep tucked away in a book. And 20 years from now, when these girls are grown up and off to university or wherever… these are the kinds of photos you will look back on and think, “Those were our days that no one else saw. Just us. They were often hard. Joyful. Frustrating and noisy. Full of kisses and dirty diapers and talking to Jesus. But those days were worth it. Oh so worth it.”

Here’s to motherhood and the gifts from heaven our littles ones are xo

And then there’s real life… 😉

Mommy & Me: Truly and her Mamma

We were out for a girls’ night to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a yummy restaurant, with a table full of Mom’s and a newborn baby girl in the mix. As we got talking about taking photos of ourselves with our little ones, we commented on how it’s often only selfies – if we even make it into the photo with our beloved child! SO much heart and soul gets poured into our babes from feeding to diapers to reading and playing, and we’re hardly in any photos to remember it (visually!).

That’s where this idea came from – to offer Mommy & Me photography sessions that capture the everyday moments of nurturing and caring for our little ones. This session is ideally meant to be used in the first year of your baby’s life – but capturing “home life” would be fun too!

Introducing, Jen and her sweet six-month-old, Truly Rue. With two older brothers, Truly will be dearly loved and protected!

The “T” Family

I’ve had the honour to photograph this family since the oldest was just a baby. They’ve become a family I deeply admire and enjoy time with, whenever I can. They love the Lord and are authentic – an amazing combination. I just love them! We recently took a walk through the trees at sunset and captured them once again. Beautiful family hey?! Presenting, the Thulien Family, 2015.

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