I once heard that you write not because you want to say something, but you should write because you have something to say. For me, my heart is to seek to be vulnerable, point people to Jesus, and find beauty and adventure in any way I can. If I can inspire even one person through this blog, it is worth it! I love everything about ‘home’, and hope to spark something in you to feel the same.

A little bit of …

devotions | marriage and motherhood |  natural living  | home on a budget

So glad you are here!

Writing Services {blogging, portfolio writing, journalism, PR, social media}:
*Featured in these magazines: HOPE, New Home Condo & Living, Notebook, New Trails, and Red Deer Living, Notebook
*Self-Published: Bright Red Trousers, 2009; After I Do, 2016

doTERRA Wellness Advocate:
Want to learn more about how essential oils can change your life? Read my story here about how I fell in love with essential oils and how you can too!

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