Making common sense, a little more common

I can be very inconsistent with habits.

For example, wanting to form a habit of writing, yet not always disciplining myself to do so in the off hours of my day job. Accountability is so key for me! As we speak, the sun is shining and I am taking a lunch break, to write and enjoy some October sun on the back deck.

For me, writing is a way of expression, that even as Troy and I start to build a life together, he sometimes will say, “Go write it down!” He knows that my heart is expressed best through writing.

It’s been two months now that I have been working from home, and one thing I have noticed is that habits make all the difference. For the first few weeks, I didn’t get up early to have some time with the Lord, but rather lingered in bed with my husband (who wouldn’t! 😉 ) My relationship with Jesus must come first, and taking time with Him first thing in the morning fills my spirit so that I can really meet my day.

I also didn’t exercise at first, other than walking Pippa. Exercise and movement makes me feel so good. I may not need to lose weight, but my body responds well to toning and cardio. I have gone to this zumba class a couple times, and the instructor, who appears to be new, is enough entertainment in her zany ways, even if I feel more sloppy than sexy in the class. But, it fills my soul when I go.

Since I’m working home, alone, I do miss my office mates. There were a few days that Troy would come home, and I was in near tears because I felt alone in my work, like I needed to talk to… someone! As I get older, I realize more and more that I function best with a mix of both people and alone time. In a new season of life, I needed some form of social atmosphere as I adjust, so I go to a coffee shop at least once a week now. I know that being a newlywed in a new community, church, life…will take time to develop these new relationships. So for now, my social metre is filled by meandering Homesense and Starbucks and calls and texts to friends and family! I also force myself to shower before work and not stay in my pj’s, because that too, would affect how I feel, and I’d much prefer to feel fresh when my husband comes home!

It takes time. New seasons of life, to figure it out hey?

Sometimes though, we just need to eat a bowl of common sense if something feels off. Feed our heart for a moment, and then get back on track. I am not negating allowing the Lord to mould our heart throughout seasons of life (gosh, one could write books on that!), but I also believe that sometimes we need to give ourselves a kick in the pants and incorporate the things we already know keep us healthy and strong!

For me…

*time with Jesus
*movement be it exercise, dancing, walking
*trying new recipes (way more fun to cook for two now!)
*people time – shopping, coffee with friends, talking to family
*creative projects where I can do things with my hands, other than sitting at the computer
*and a totally new one for me as a newlywed – date night and conversation with my hubby

In a rut? Maybe you need, like me, to incorporate the things you already know feed your soul!

This was me, feeding my soul yesterday afternoon…
I got this desk for free (beside a dumpster!) and I will distress it white. This was me starting the sanding process 😉  Watch my instagram feed for the finished product in the next few days! Doing this made my heart happy! And now, I have unlimited access to all the tools I want for all the projects I can tackle!

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