Mr. and Mrs.

A brief hello to say – HI as Mrs Lupul!

I don’t know at what point newlyweds get used to saying ‘my wife’ and ‘my husband’, but I’m loving saying it! I am in a new city, with a new church, working from home and settling into married life.  It’s a lot of new, but I feel so blessed and daily lean on the Lord and my hubby to embrace all the change together 😉

We are living on an acreage in a suite above a friend’s garage for the next couple of months until our house (or duplex) is finished. The suite is tiny, but works for us and Pippa (the doggy that graces this blog every so often)!

Looking back to six weeks ago… our wedding day was perfect, at least for us, and that’s what matters! When Troy and I left the reception that night I had a tear in my eye as I looked at him, sighed and said, “That was perfect.” We cried. We laughed. We danced. We kissed. We hugged. A lot.  Three months to plan a wedding and move IS doable! Here here.

We haven’t got our wedding photos back yet, but we did get a sneak peek of the album, so here’s a few low res sneak peeks, thanks to Danielle from This Beloved Life Photography
(I am so so glad she caught Troy’s look as I came down the aisle, it was exactly what I’d hoped for my whole life!!)

wedding collage

And a few of life thus far… road trips, my hubby playing guitar after dinner, a coffee table we scored that I aim to paint, roses from my love, a country sunrise, my adorable niece Lily, some amazing doors at a local Starbucks, and of course Pippa smiling 😉  Yes, these are the things that make me smile!

Beauty 1 Beauty2