16 days

86c541efa8f7e88a45a50e7dcb11e7c816 days. 20 hours. 18 minutes… until a season of life changes, and a brand new one begins!!

As I sat in my hairdresser’s chair this week we had a moment. I’ve known her for three years and every time I go to see her the two hours in her black leather chair are filled with talks of the Lord and the craving for simplicity in life.   She’s heard the weeeeees and the woes of my dating life. And this time in particular, I began to share how the week of the wedding I plan to take some time with Jesus just to say, well, ‘Thank You’; to reflect on the years on my own, and close a chapter of my life. A chapter with no regrets and I can, with a smile of thankfulness to God, put on the shelf of life and say “that was good”.  She teared up, and so did I. She grabbed my shoulders and said, “I am so so happy for you. I hardly know you, but I am so happy for you.”

My heart is so full of gratitude.  I’m on the doorstep of becoming a wife and marrying my best friend, Troy, and as I look back on a season of life that was oh so dear, I am also fully ready to bid adieu to that season!  How many people get to leave one season and enter another with no regrets?

Just as the Lord walked with me through the years on my own, I know He will also give me the grace to be the kind of woman Troy needs. I know there will be both learning curves and glorious discoveries, and I am ready for it all!  *Ahem, sound the trumpet to get this thing going already! 😉

Let’s not wish away the seasons of life; they will go by quickly enough, and in the right time. But let’s be able to bid adieu when the time comes, and loosen our fingers from the strings and let a new season arise.

The feeling of being able to let go and embrace at the same time is truly remarkable!

(More writing and adventures to continue as a Lupul, in the near future!)