Mountain Get Away

Hello friends! I am attempting a purely mobile post !

I just got back from a couple nights in Banff and a day away with my honey in the mountains. It’s been such a long winter I needed a change of scenery, and Troy and I hadn’t yet been to Banff together!

It’s amazing how the closer you get to the majestic Rockies, your brain starts to rest just a little bit more. Even in coming back tonight I realize how the rest makes me more ready and excited for work. Go figure πŸ˜‰

When I checked into my hotel room the lady at the front desk (Aussie of course) said, “We’ve upgraded you to a premium suite I hope that’s ok. It’s got a king size bed.” Is that ok? Yes. Yes that’s just fine! When we brought my bags to my room I was stunned. Half the room was windows and I had a mountain view. I felt God hug me and say, “this is just for you!”

I devoured a couple great books, and happily meandered and soaked up the lack of technology for a couple days. Ohhhh summer you can’t come soon enough. I came home very thankful! Even a couple days’ change of scenery can do wonders.

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend …

This was the view from my room at sunset the first night!