Happy One Year Old Pippa

_MG_9272One year ago I had a baby. Well, a baby puppy that is. My sister and her husband were having puppies and giving them all away, and I was moving back into my own place – so it seemed destined.  I also just wanted something, well, to love. I wanted something other than myself to take care of! Growing up on the farm I always tried to train our dogs, and my Dad recently even said how badly I had wanted an indoor dog.

When they were one day old I picked her up out of the six and held her in the palm of my hand. I drove home that night very excited about the new little bundle, and dreaming up inspiring dog names. I grew up on a farm, come on, this can’t be THAT hard to name a pet? Then I began to think about English inspirations, and Pippa popped into my head. I smiled, and the decision was made.

Nine weeks later when I brought her home, she was crying in her crate in the back seat.  Yet as soon as I turned on worship music, she calmed down. And since then, I have noticed if I turn on quiet music at bedtime she will go to sleep sooner. Diva 😉

Through all the months of potty training, meal time disruptions, road trips and snuggles – I know it was a great decision. People have told me, “It’s good training for kids!”

I always mocked people who dressed their pets, and this winter I became one of them. I always thought I’d be washing my hands all the time if I had an indoor pet, yet some things I’ve just learned to let go of because she’s mine.  She is social, sensitive, affectionate and my little fluffball of snuggles when I’ve had a rough day.  Her underbite makes me laugh and the way she rests her butt on my shoulder when she sits on the back of the sofa is annoying and endearing all at the same time. She follows me from room to room and I am surprised I haven’t yet stepped on her and hurt her!

Ever so grateful for this little bundle … Happy first birthday my little Pippa!