Homestyle 1955

Someone once told me that I should be a Sarah Richardson. And that I would love love love Disney because it was so detail oriented. And that I could come design ‘their’ home anytime.  I just smiled and agreed.

I recall over and over again trying to ‘make things pretty’ where I grew up. I loved gardening and discovering hidden treasures that I could restore. I just came by it naturally – liking things a certain way. Call it feng shui. Peaceful. Homemaker. Whatever you like. I love texture, colors, designs, shapes.

About ten months ago I moved back into my 1955 townhouse with the intent of ‘fixing it up’ to live in it for an indefinite time. I went about painting every room, including almost every ceiling. Hiring to do new vinyl tile floors. Lighting. New vanity and backsplash in my bathroom. Kitchen handles. I had to buy a few pieces of furniture and home items.  It was an exhausting few months and done on a fairly limited budget. On top of that business at home, I got a puppy. A sweet, sensitive, social, full-of-life puppy named Pippa. And wouldn’t you know it, after two months of ‘settling in’ back into my home with a new puppy companion I met a wonderful man from another city…. It’s funny how life works. Right when you busy yourself with tending to what you have, God gives you something you’ve always wanted. But I’ll save that for another blog 😉

Back to home. I’m a believer in making the space you live in like a sanctuary. You spend a lot of time there so you should surround yourself with things that make you smile. In the winter, I light candles and have tea as often as I can because I find it so peaceful in my home!

I’m a lover of mixing old and new, metals and woods, and you just have to work with what you’ve got, whether it’s your ‘dream’ or not. Make it your own. The majority of my home shopping is done at HomeSense or Target!

I would call my style rustic romantic chic.  Like an elderly woman who has lived some life, clothed in the nicest vintage lace dress, with some sass and class – umm, yeah. I won’t attempt to take that metaphor any further!

So, have a looksee into a few things around me … perhaps it will make you smile and inspire you to make your home a little more of a sanctuary.