I’ve always been a lover of books. You know, the kind that smell musty, reek of tales untold and that leave you feeling breathless or challenged – or both.

My bookshelves growing up were full of Janette Oke Christian romance and Nancy Drew adventures. And my trusty True Love Waits Bible 😉  And to this day I love words and learning from other people’s experiences and stories. I decided I would start a new installment in the blog called “Bookwork” in which I will share a brief synopsis of a recent book I read, and how it challenged me. I do warn you though, I tend to read more inspirational and teaching books than novels. It took me a year to read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens but I did it! I do aim to read more novels and biographies!  I’m just hungry to learn more about my walk with Christ and to grow as a person. And since the bitter Canadian winter’s blow a mighty wind, I decided reading more and less TV was a must this past winter.

And so herein I will share books I have enjoyed and would recommend!

Daring Greatly | Brene Brown

I first discovered the teachings of Brene Brown while looking for inspiring videos on TedX to show at a team-building meeting at work.  This was probably over a year ago now, and it is only recently that her teaching on vulnerability and shame has truly become an actual undertaking in my life. The title Daring Greatly comes from Theodore Roosevelt’s famous speech on how it is not the critic who counts, but “the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes up short again and again…if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.”  Brene Brown uses humour and nearly 15 years of vulnerability and shame research to prove that what we view as weakness (vulnerability) is actually at the core of creativity, joy and innovation. She talks about our scarcity mentality as a society and how nothing is ever enough. Including ourselves. It’s a journey worth unpacking if you want to dare greatly in life, work, parenting, and relationships!

Sun Stand Still  | Steven Furtick

Pastor Steven Furtick uses the story of Joshua’s fight against the Amorite armies in Joshua 10 to display how his prayer to make the sun stand still literally caused God to change the trajectory of earth. Science has proven that in history, there is an actual day missing in all of time – where no light shone in all the earth. The book challenges you to get clarity on what you’re asking and believing for, and to believe that God is able to greater things in and through your life.

A House in the Sky | Amanda Lindhout

You may have heard her story, maybe not. But this novel is the tale of a young Canadian woman who loved to travel so much that she would waitress for six months at a time and then head off into the unkown territories of Afghanistan, Baghdad and the Peru. She chose off the beaten paths. Amanda began to work as a journalist and was drawn to cover Somalia in some of the most dangerous times of its history. While travelling with a photographer friend, they are captured by Somalian men and held captive for over 430 days. She was tortured, raped, starved, and nearly died if not for the image of ‘the house in the sky’ that she held on to. It’s a true story of hope, forgiveness and humanity!

The Emotionally Healthy Woman | Geri Scazzero

This book is written by a New York pastor’s wife who literally ‘quit her husband’s church’. In order to understand her story, you have to read the book. She had been a yes-woman all her life and finally hit a breaking point. Geri and her husband teach on healthy emotional Christianity and in this book she lays out 8 things every woman must quit to change their life: Quit Being Afraif of What Others Think, Quit Lying, Quit Dying to the Wrong Things, Quit Denying Anger, Sadness and Fear, Quit Blaming, Quit Overfunctioning, Quit Faulty Thinking, Quit Living Someone Else’s Life

Happy reading ya’ll!


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