Recovering or Generating?

Shiffrin at the FIS NORAM Giant Slalom in Aspen, Colorado on November 29, 2012.

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have just finished and I can’t help but think about the focus and determination of the athletes. For years they will train for what could be a 60 second challenge. Or less. They put all their energy, attention, finances and time to become that which their heart beats for – an Olympian.

A couple days ago I was watching with my boyfriend the Slalom skiing. I’ll admit, I had to ask him how you pronounce it! As the female racers swished too and fro around the poles, the one athlete came in less than a second under her competitor. Pushing her further down the podium rank.  As the announcers shared their account of her run, the one anchor said, “She’s recovering from mistakes rather than generating speed.”

She’s recovering from mistakes, rather than generating speed.

It hit me as though a lead balloon with a red bow had just dropped into my livingroom.

I’ve often had the thoughts of, “I don’t want to be that or that.” Or “I wished this was different about me…” This mindset makes you end up feeling like you are recovering from (perceived) mistakes or in essence, avoiding something, rather than running towards something. It makes you live on the defence rather than the offence. And the strongest way to live on defence is to focus on where the competition, or enemy is. It affects every area of your life when you live this way… you’re always recovering rather than generating.

Recovering affects perceptions (that’s a WHOLE other blog. Or BOOK for that matter!). When in fact, what I need to focus on is MY race, what God wants me to become and contribute.  And get generating speed already!

Proverbs 4:25 says – “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

The Word also says in Corinthians that HIS grace is sufficient for YOU, for His power is made perfect in YOUR weakness. Don’t look for others’ grace. See that His is sufficient for your race alone.

So I ask you… what do you allow to determine how far up the podium you will stand?

Is it your competition, or the grace given your race?

What, and who, determines your race?

I know that statement held HUGE weight for me – and I hope it does for you to. Let’s stop living in recovery mode and get generating speed!