The girl and her dog

I grew up on a farm so I am used to pets – we had pretty much every animal at one point or another. Cattle, chicken, horses, pigs, dogs, skunks (ok, not on purpose)… However, the only time they came in the house was when there was calves that needed warming or puppies that needed milk from a straw.

Four months ago I changed all of that and brought home my very first pet as an adult – Pippa – a Bichon Shitzu. People have told me “It’s good training for kids!” Well, if my kids plan to poop in the guest room and run around with my thong in their mouth, then I guess we’re on the right track 😉

I’ve only been home once without her, for three hours, and I missed her. It’s funny how those things that require so much transition and frustration can also bring the most enjoyment. I can’t imagine my little home without her now!

She’s the one that bolts out of her kennel in the morning as though doing a deep-sea dive; the one who licks my legs as soon as I put lotion on them after I shower; and the one who gets snuggly after about 10pm at night when we both need some downtime. My world has been blessed by this four-legged creature and she’s actually taught me a lot. So, in true Lani fashion, this is what I have learned from my little Pippa…

*just ‘being’ is enough to be loved. She follows me from room to room, staring longingly at me as though I was her hero. I don’t have to do anything to earn her love, but just ‘be Mamma’.
*sometimes you need to escape the confounds of the box you’ve been given (ahem – insert backyard here), and find freedom outside of the everyday.
*life is full of interruptions, so you better learn how to embrace them.
*trying to exercise in the house with a dog between my legs inspires a great ab workout 😉
*you should reward yourself when you reach a goal. Treats of chocolate, shoes, and trips are all welcome.
*life is too short not to play after work.
*life can be messy. get used to it.
*find delight in small details
*hugs and drool and almost pee yourself when you meet someone new because it makes them feel wonderful
*simply, love life

Thank you to my sister and brother-in-law who decided to breed their dog, and blessed me with Pippa!

Pippa 1
Pippa 2
Pippa 4
Pippa 5
Pippa 6


2 thoughts on “The girl and her dog

  1. Jennica says:

    aw! I love this! This is exactly how we feel about Romeo too. Such trouble and work, but oh the love and reward for just being his human. love that mutt!


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