Swing your hips and trust His lead

The room was dimly lit and Latino music beckoned us to line-up in the middle of the room. Colorful spotlights played peek-a-boo from somewhere above, lighting up the hardwood floor. It was a salsa club in Victoria and my friend I went with that night told me that the hour of lessons prior to freestyle dance was a good idea. I had done some Irish dancing and dance lessons as a child, but nothing prepared me for the way I was told to move my hips. Honey, mine don’t do that!

The dance instructor was a lean gentleman, probably in his late 40’s, and nationally known for his years of choreography expertise. All ten of us stood in a nervous straight line as the clock struck 9pm. We faced the instructor with a “deer in the headlights look”; hoping for some gold nuggets that would make us Latino dancing gurus.

As the hour went by my confidence grew. And so did my hip-swing width; a simple four-step count was all it really was. We practiced solo and shared partners, and before I knew it, the hour was over.

Ok, now what? Memories of junior high dances flashed through my mind. You know the ones; where the girls sat on one side giggling and waiting, while the guys stood on the other, scoping the floor. Before I could even find my seat on the sidelines the famed instructor grabbed my hand and asked if I would dance with him. I tried to find my friend in the crowd, looking for assurance. The next few minutes were pure magic. He knew how to lead and knew what he was doing. He kept telling me to stop looking at my feet and let him lead. The more I listened and trusted, the better our dance was.

We danced a couple dances that night and my friend oooo-ed and awed that I was asked by the instructor to dance. “He obviously thought you were good!”

My confidence soared.

But it was all because I had a good leader. HE made me look good, and only then when I let him lead the dance.

As I walked my dog tonight I was reminded of that night in Victoria. When the dance felt so scary and exciting. And how free it felt when I trusted the instructor who knew what he was doing to get us through the dance.

It reminds me of my relationship with the Lord today. How often I can try to look at my feet and figure it out on my own. Assess my path and then proceed to lean on my own strength, abilities, skill and knowledge. It’s like He tells me, “Hey, follow my lead and I’ll make the dance magical.”

Can anyone relate? God is the only one who makes us look good, and only when we follow His lead and allow Him to show us the steps to our own dance that God has choreographed for each of us.

Yes, I’m relating my relationship with God to salsa dancing. Tonight, it seems appropriate.

Confidence grows when we trust and let the One who knows what He’s doing take the lead!

P.S… Please don’t laugh at the photos. Circa 2007 and I obviously needed to loosen up still! But hey, I had fun!! Ok, laugh if you will 😉