*The ship, the toast and the process*

I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of situations in my life, and others, that didn’t turned out as expected. Our well-worn ship titled Hope set sail and what it was met with out on the waters was different than anticipated – but the ship needed the water’s crashing waves.

Numerous situations in my life haven’t turned out the way I thought they would, but my heart is filled with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness; I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wanted to get married at 23, have my first baby by 25, and 2.5 children and a picket fence by 30. Did that happen? No. But I was able to get an education, travel and live abroad, buy a house, learn and try new things, and meet amazing people – so in my eyes, I win. For someone else, their story might be the total opposite, and I say, they win. Because that’s their story, and however they choose to look at it will determine what side of the podium they stand on – the winners or the losers.

This might seem like an insignificant example, but I have been working on a play since October of last year. Yes, I am six months playwright pregnant and don’t really ‘feel’ like writing this script anymore. I submitted the initial script for a competition at Christmas, it was selected, and the process of development has been invaluable to me as a writer. I’ve had people with years of theatrical experience asking me about my characters, conflict and plot and while I don’t always have answers – they don’t expect them. The process is for me to write. Develop. Do I anticipate, or want, to become a great playwright? No, not really (though having my name up in Broadway lights would take my breath away!), I just like to tell a good well-written story.  This process has taught me not to give up when I feel like quitting; to finish what I start. I have tasted the exhilarating feeling of completing something after pushing through. And to me – whether that is my ‘expected outcome’ of this competition or not, that is worth the process.

Nearly every weekday morning I crawl out of bed to make breakfast, and then back into bed with some food wares and my Bible.  I crunch through my peanut butter toast, with a side of blueberries, and as I stare at the one-bite of crust left, rather than toss it on the plate as I have done so many times, there is now something in me that says, “I’m going to finish what I start.”

Do I like processes? No, I like quick results, I’ll admit that. However my perspective is changing and I try never to write about something I myself have not already experienced.

Friends, whatever ‘process’ you find yourself in today – realize that your expectations and the glorious outcome that God has in store for you are likely very different; because while we want a bite of the apple, He has a whole orchard waiting for us. You might get something totally different out of the process you are in, but it will likely be exactly what you need.

Expect, yes. Believe and put forth effort. But don’t forget to look back and see how God has always always always been so faithful in the midst of the unexpected, and how He knew what He was doing all along.

Happy Monday blog world … On with the process.