Not your regular V-day post …

He sat in the seat in front of me and would spin around and call me names – names that don’t warrant repeating and had not an ounce of truth to them. Recess and playground activities were speckled with jousts and fears. I had this small mole on the back of my neck and one on the front of my neck and he kept making fun of me. You’re imperfect!!! was all I heard.

Then came grade 5 and 6 when all the other girls started wearing training bras and getting their periods. I was the last… for everything. I looked onward as all the other girls around me had seemingly perfect situations, bodies, lives.  My teen years were filled with acne and insecurities and romantic ideas of actually going on a date.

As time went on and my perspective matured, I learned, bit by bit, who I was and what I had to offer this world. I realized that every word that was spoken against me in my early years had literally fallen to the ground with the identity that can only come through knowing Jesus. Truly, only through Him have I found healing where it’s been needed in my life.

I’m beginning to see that, well imperfect is perfect. I am uniquely flawed, and so are you, for a reason. And God is still revealing how everything I need on this earth can be completely provided and satisfied in him.

Bullying has not stopped in our schools, in fact it’s getting worse. I heard this week that eight teenage boys in the last nine months have committed suicide in my community.

I know, I know, this isn’t a regular lovey dovey Valentines’ post about flowers, romance, and lofty ideas of how relationships should play out. It’s just a sobre reminder that we all impact someone every day and how we treat people plays out in their eternity.

Love is a verb and I know my goal is to know the love of God, and really be able to treat people as He would want me to. It isn’t a feeling, it’s an intention. A choice. Requires action. And, like the Bible says, conquers all.

Happy love day ya’ll!



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