Thirty – Travel Photo Book now available

It wasn’t quite like Jennifer Garner’s transformation. I didn’t find myself in a closet chanting “I want to be thirty, flirty, and thriving” while pixie dust sparkled down from my doll house.  I didn’t tell my best friend who had a crush on me to buzz off. And I didn’t dance Thriller like it was 1984.

Ah, but what a year it was! It started with some heart ache; then had some grit and work in the middle; and it ended with six months of exploring England and other parts of Europe.  You could say I also explored my heart, my faith, and my purpose.  Perhaps that will be another book some day!  I’ve put together a small (7″x7″) photo book of 30 of my favourites photos from my 30th year abroad celebrating, well, life. The book is filled with my favourite ‘door’ pictures, bridges, and snapshots from throughout England, Rome, Paris, and Prague.

The photo book is now available on in soft and hard cover. Feel free to explore the pages of Thirty here



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