Flashbacks and Finishing

I was nervous. Probably sweating. Who did I think I was, thinking I could get in? I had memorized my lines and sang the song over and over, hoping to inspire the instructors.

I was 19 and found myself at a theatre audition for an acting program in Red Deer. I had done a year of Bible School and was always fascinated by theatre and dramatics. I was in a classroom at the college ready to sing my heart out to my best rendition of Olivia Newton John’s “Hopelessly Devoted”. The bright floursecent lights did nothing for the ambience and mood, but I did my best.

That was 12 years ago now – I didn’t make it in to theatre school. 😉 God had a different plan, one that I wouldn’t exchange for anything. But yesterday I found myself in that same room, having a flashback to a dramatic attempt years and years ago.

Remember this post back in December – about finishing strong? Last fall I worked on a  playscript inspired by a true love story circa WWII. Writer’s block was playing a strong defence and I had nearly given up. Until one night, I realized how many creative projects I had started, and never finished.

I prayed, “Lord, would you help me to become a finisher?” The next night I told my roommate I was locking myself in my room for at least two hours whether I liked it or not (self-induced grounding?). I wrote for three hours and pushed writer’s block out of my way. I submitted my script at the midnight hour (literally!) with a prayer and a hope that it would get accepted, knowing that even if it didn’t, I had finished what I set out to do – tell a beautiful love story and honor the family.

WWII Love StoryAbout 10 days ago, the protagonist of my story passed away. She was 91. I went to her funeral and heard more English-isms and about what kind of lady she was. I found out the next day that my script was selected for development and there WILL be a live script reading this spring!!

So there I was yesterday in the very room I had auditioned in years ago, now with a dramaturge (professional script developer) and student actors reading my script. We talked about character development, the love story, the possibilities! As a writer, sharing anything you write is scary and vulnerable – but the feedback I got, and even the fact that the word ‘epic’ was used – floored me.

I can’t help but feel like God gave me the nudge I needed to finish, then the hug I needed to remind me that I AM equipped to finish. Its been a good reminder for me that I must run MY race with endurance, and that God’s timing is always best.

It’s back to the writing board for me, as I develop this script more over the coming weeks. I’m excited for the family to remember their mother through this piece of art.

What a good reminder to not give up, especially at the very threshold of completion!