Noisemakers and the waiting room

noisemakers2He wiped the trickling sweat from his brow for what seemed like the tenth time, and offered to get his wife another cup of tea. She patted his knee in response and said, “Yes, dear.”

Their first grandchild was about to be born and their son and daughter-in-law hadn’t shared whether it was going to be a boy or girl. “There’s not enough surprises in life!” they had said.

Grandpa disagreed, but it wasn’t up to him.

As he stood at the 21st century vending machine, amazed that he could get a cup of tea from such a thing, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. In the hospital gift shop window was a ‘Celebration Package’ full of noisemakers, chocolates, confetti and even some flowers.

He couldn’t resist. Carefully walking into the gift shop with a full cup of tea, he told the lady at the counter, ‘I’ll take that celebration package. We’re about to become grandparents!’

Grandpa returned to his wife with his hands full. His wife looked up from her knitting with a questioning gaze.

“What is ALL that for?” Grandma asked with a lifted brow.

He leaned over and handed her the hot cup of tea. She sipped it carefully, and set down the styrofoam cup.

“Well dear. I figured we might as well make the waiting room the best place to be since we don’t know how long this is gonna take!”

Grandpa continued to pull out noisemakers and blow on them. Chuckle. Then came some chocolates that now Grandma joined in to divulge in. They both grabbed a handful of confetti and tossed it in the air with a bit of a ‘whoopee’!

A nurse walked by and observed the spectacle.

“Did you just get some good news?” she asked.

Grandma, “No honey, we’re just celebrating the good news to come!”

With that, Grandpa moved to sit beside his wife, put his big strong arm around her and laid a big kiss on her rosy lips.

“That’s my girl!”


We hear a lot in life about ‘waiting’. Waiting for the acceptance letter. Waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Waiting for the direction we need from God.

Our time in the waiting room will come to all of us, on several occasions throughout life.

For me personally, I am still waiting to meet the man that God has chosen for me. Do I sit idly by checking my clock, wondering when he will arrive? Well, sometimes 😉 (Friday nights will some day change!) Hahaha. Actually, I feel like God has given me a special ability to celebrate. I love good news. I love celebrating with friends when something good happens in their life. And since I have no idea how long my single-years will be, I aim to make them God-surrendered and full of wonderful moments. The grass is greenest where we water and mow it! (Ohhhhh what a long lesson that has been for me to get and am still reminded of!)

I will probably talk a lot more this year about single life, and how to do it ‘as unto God’. Not that I have it nailed down to perfection, but writers write best about what they’ve experienced – right?

Whatever waiting room you find yourself in today – find a way to celebrate while you’re in it. We can’t always choose circumstances in life, but we can choose how we respond to it.

And if you go out and by some noisemakers and chocolate, please send me a photo! 😉


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  1. jlmcorbeil says:

    I LOVE this!! Thanks Lani! Waiting is a love/hate kinda thing. But this year I too have already predetermined that I will celebrate more and look at the clock less 😉


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