Make Room

The alarm blared as it went off early that December morn,
Kate rolled over, pressed snooze, and went back to where it was warm.
She’d asked and begged and pleaded til her knees were dark blue,
Lord, I need an answer, just what am I to do?

It appeared He was silent and Christmas was almost here,
But Kate would soon find out that her sign was very near.
The snow had fallen fresh throughout  the frosty night,
Before she knew it, a noise on the street caused her great fright.

Kate in her fuzzy slippers grabbed her purple coat,
With morning hair and breath to match as she threatened someone’s throat.
Whatever are they doing at this time of day on my street?!
At the end of her sidewalk was an orange sign waiting at her feet.

Making room for plowing, said the sign as she looked to and fro,
She moved her car and bid adieu to the man she’d never know.
A hot shower and a prayer, she stood their staring,
At her overflowing closet, trying to decide what she should be wearing.

I need to make some room in here, there’s just too much stuff.
She added it to the list of reminders – and that was enough.
Out the door with mismatched clothing and bright red lipstick,
Katie’s heart was heavy, still looking for that click.

Doesn’t God care, that I really want to know?
It’s a big decision and I’ve hardly time to be slow!
Work that day was busy, she hardly caught her breath,
Papers and phone calls blurred her mind ‘til there was nothing left.

Someone in the lunchroom had the gull to clean the fridge,
Making room for Christmas food – We need more than a smidge.
Driving home that night, she’d really had quite enough.
Her heel had broke, her stomach growled, she was tired of being tough.

Her Christmas list was long, so to Wal-Mart she went,
Even though her day had left her feeling completely spent.
The greeter he did smile, and the carols filled the air,
As she weaved from aisle to aisle, all she could do was stare.

Excuse me, she did ask to the clerk in a bright blue smock,
Why the bare shelves, you’re almost out of stock?!
The gentleman he smiled, as though waiting to be asked,
Out with the old and in with the new, we need room for everything in the back!

She paid for her items and drove home in silence, deep in thought.
No words came to her lips, just tears that kept getting caught.
For in that moment she realized, her busy day told her what she should do,
Make room, make room, for all that I want for you!

If I had prepared for Christmas as though Jesus were coming to stay,
I’d have found a parking spot, closet space, food for the fridge and chased the busyness away.
And here I am asking God for a sign of what my decision should be,
And all He asked was that I make room, so that He could come stay with me!

Christmas comes just one time a year, and we fill it with running and such,
Let’s not forget to make room for the King, and wait for His loving touch.
And the next time we wonder, “What should I really do here?”
The most important thing we need to do is make room for Jesus to be near!

Let every heart make room for Him.
Let every heart make room, for the King.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Copyright 2012
Lani Ledingham




3 thoughts on “Make Room

  1. Mike+Elisabeth Sherwood says:

    Love it, really enjoy you writings. Happy Christmas from us both. We are in Nova Scotia at my sisters and its snowing.
    Every blessing

    Mike+Elisabeth Sherwood


  2. CityMotionRD says:

    Well Said! Hear! Hear!

    I like your style! Not only was this poem a pleasure to read but it was very relevant!

    Thankyou for sharing!


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