A real life love story: Jocelyn and Britton

It’s my honor to present my brother and his wife-to-be…as of next spring. After any time you spend with them you always feel the love, joy and enthusiasm for each other. I used to think no one would be good enough for my brother, but I’m happy to say he made the best choice! It just took my brother-in-law to set them up! But, before I say too much…


I wanted them to tell you their story …

She said … how they met

While working at a restaurant, I made friends with a customer of mine. We got along great and one day he said to me, “Jocelyn, I’m going to find a man for you!” I laughed at him – I had my doubts!

He told me that he was having a housewarming party with a group of friends. “I want you to come! My girlfriend’s brother is coming too! I think you two would be great together!” I was unsure, but he talked me into coming! He assured me there would be a bunch of people over and that it wouldn’t be awkward at all. I decided that if nothing else, the experience would make for a good story, so I agreed to come.

I arrived at the party to find that “a bunch” of people meant five people to him – all family.  I was introduced to Britton. He had bright blue eyes and a warm, friendly smile. It could have been a disaster, but I had a wonderful time!

On a whim we all drove down to the rodeo and snuck in to watch. We went to the fair grounds and Britt won a tiny orange stuffed animal for his efforts and gave it to me. Then we took a bunch of silly pictures together as a group at a tiny church in the middle of nowhere. We ended up back at the house and chatted – I had so much fun and didn’t want to leave.

Britton was sweet and fun. I had a lot in common with him and thought he was cute, however, I really didn’t think much would come of the set up!

To my surprise, the next day, he asked me if Britton could have my phone number. My immediate response was, “Does he actually want my phone number? You cannot force him to like me!” He assured me that Britton did indeed want my number, but didn’t really want to ask for it in front of his sisters the night before.

Two weeks later Britton and I went to the Stampede. Britton picked me up early and we walked around the grounds, seeing the sights. There were so many people bustling around us that Britton said, “I don’t want to lose you in this crowd. Would it be too forward if I held your hand?” I willingly grabbed on, and when the crowd died down, he didn’t let go.

We danced to live country music, though neither of us knew how to two-step, but we swayed along as best as we could. At the end of the night, we walked back to the truck, hand in hand, Britton carefully leading me around the puddles. I was happy and hopeful. He opened the door to the truck for me and then hopped in.

Before starting the vehicle he looked over at me with a grin and said, “That was really fun…the most fun I’ve had in a while…do you think you’d want to go out with me?” I smiled, probably blushing, and said, “Yes!”

He said … when he knew she was his girl

It hit me overtime. She’s such a sweetheart! We made lists for each other early on to remind each other of what we like about the other. We were having such good times together.

I knew early on that Jocelyn really loved me and supported me in my unstable job-job state. I told her the night I asked her out that she would have to be patient with me, and she’s never stopped. I love her and I’m so proud to be loved by her!

In March of this year, I asked for some time apart. This sucked and I felt like I had died. I needed to know that I was in it for the right reasons.

The weekend sucked, and I told her that I needed three days to wait this out and hear from God what I was supposed to do. The whole weekend I held on to the hope that I was actually feeling affirmation in my heart that we were supposed to be together, and that Monday would roll around and we could actually talk again. I phoned her Monday, she took me back. I had a good, and very direct, chat from her dad, which was needed and drove out any pansy-ness left in me.

Joss is so good to me. We love each other. We love Jesus. We can talk about anything. We can laugh about anything. We get each other. We love each other’s friends and families so much.

Early on there was one time when I called her “Babe” and she requested that I do so for the rest of our lives. This didn’t scare me, or anything – I liked it a lot!

I love Joss and I’ve known this was IT for life for a long time now!


Jocelyn and Britt … forever. Love you guys, Congratulations!!! xo


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