Surfing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When I was in elementary school myself and a couple other friends played around the front of the school at break. Jump rope, notes to our copious amount of boyfriends (we each had a list), and talking about our upcoming birthday parties filled our young lives. You know, the conversations that went something like, “You’re not coming to my birthday party if you don’t…”

Then as lunch time would draw to a close the high school girls would walk back from ‘downtown’ and we would run, I mean RUN, into their arms and give them a big hug. We wanted to be like them someday. As I think on it, I was probably more ‘along for the ride’, but I sure wanted to be someone amazing – and they were in my sights. As time tends to do with a little thing called maturity, my vision changed.

It made me think about how we tend to want to become what we set our sights on – what is beholding our vision.

Classic example … I’ve seen the famous Wizard of Oz on stage, on the screen, and laughed at the performance of Wicked last winter in west London. My little secret that hasn’t made it to the bucketlist yet – is that I want to someday grace a darkened stage as the spotlight follows me and my voice connects to an audience of one, or 500, as I sing “Somewhere over the rainbow….” I know I know, lofty dream. But for some reason, I want to sing it loud and strong and with all my heart. When no one is around at home and my hands are wrist-deep in suds at the kitchen sink, I practise. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.  If Dorothy can, why can’t I?

Have you seen the movie Chasing Mavericks? Bring the tissue.  I watched it a couple weeks ago and suddenly I longed to be a bohemian Californian taking on the waves of the Pacific. Ahem. If not a surfer, then I was so inspired to live each moment to the fullest.

What we fill our vision with will either inspire us or deter us from what God has really promised for us.

So today, I am asking myself…. Lani, what are you filling your sights with? Who are you watching and surrounding yourself with? And is it God’s best for you?

I’ve been loving my new iPhone5 and thought I’d share with you a few things that were in my sights this past week …

1. Yes, I am ‘one of those people’ who welcome Christmas in November. No apologies.
2. A little something I’m working on …
3. My nephews and I went to Wreck-It Ralph this week. I think I laughed more than they did!
4. I arranged to skype with my sponsor baby and his mom who live in the slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Traffic and technology didn’t allow for it, but we sent each other videos and it MADE MY DAY!! Isn’t he adorable?
5. Uncovered my great-grandmother’s hats to put on display. My head is too big for the fashionable 20’s era!

1. A verse that stood out for me again this week. “Unforced rythyms of grace…”
2. I’ve had these pants for months, but just this week I realized the inscription on the inside ‘You are beautiful.” Made my day 🙂

Happy friday ya’ll!