Monday Minute – New Eyes

I’ve been on this bridge multiple times before – rollerblading, as a wedding photographer, even as a bridesmaid in the wedding.  Its architectural lines are some of the nicest in our city. The tall metal beams have likely been climbed, and admired, by many passersby.

Last night, I had a family photo shoot on this bridge and we ended up shooting in the opposite direction from what I normally face. When we were done, and I looked at a couple of the shots, I shouted out to them, “The buildings in the distance make it feel more like a big city, like New York or something!” I did a nerdy fist-pump and we carried on.

I’ve often wanted to live in a bigger city, yet the one I live in is growing a lot and has so much that I love – aside from amazing friends and family close-by and a church I call home.  I have a big love for downtown areas of any city and the architecture is a huge part of that. It fascinates me.

Seeing my city from that vantage point for a moment made it feel different than what it was – a city of 1 million perhaps, not 95,000.

I’m realizing more and more that sometimes I need to see something from a different perspective so that I can grasp the purpose of a season, and carry on. Sometimes seeing my own city, home, career, or self – from the perspective of someone I trust, helps me to have a new heart of gratitude.

I recently had some friends look at a writing piece I’ve been working on – and they saw things I didn’t see. This past weekend I spent some time with a friend who needed input on her book as it’s about to go to the publisher for the final time. Sometimes, we just need another set of eyes to help us see something we are missing.

But aside from needing a friend, pastor, or parents’ fresh look at a situation, we need God’s eyes. We need Jesus to be able to help us to see our life from His viewpoint.

In Ephesians 1:18 Paul is praying for the church in Ephesus that they would have the eyes of their hearts flooded with light so they could see the wonderful future God had planned for them (paraphrase).

Last night as I did late-night-dinner dishes, I was praying in anticipation of writing this, because I never want to write something that I myself am not living. I prayed, “Lord, if there are things in my life that don’t please you that are slowing me down that I just don’t see, help me to see, Lord. Give me eyes to see what You want me to see.”

As we start a new week, I challenge you, to ask the Lord to give you fresh eyes to see the people and circumstances around you in a fresh way.  Or perhaps, we even need to pray that Jesus would open the eyes of our hearts to truly see Him the way He wants us to. That, my friends, is a whole other blog post.

Happy Monday!!