Excuse me, I’m in my way

It was a dark night in Rome as we meandered in and out of leather and souvenir shops, snapping photos as we went along. My style of holidaying in Europe was to take in as much as our feet would allow us – because who knew when I’d be back in Rome!? At this point in the evening, my friend and I needed to warm up.

The tiny clothing store we entered was narrow, with furs and sweaters lining the walls, and a table of goodies in the middle. Harsh fluorescent lighting greeted us, along with an Italian woman smiling, ‘Ciao’.  I likely fumbled something in response, often confusing my Italian, French and Spanish.

As I walked to the back of the store, I excused myself around someone. They seemed insistent on moving the same direction as me. After two seconds of frustration, I looked up only to realize I was excusing myself. The back of the store had a mirror and I had stumbled upon it in a very touristy fashion.  I looked around to make sure no one saw my embarrassing dance steps, and carried on shopping.

How many times do we get in our own way? How many times do we blame our roadblock or lack of progress, in any area, on someone or something else?

You know, we can only blame our weaknesses, failures, shortcomings and mistakes on someone else for so long – and then we have to ‘man-up’ or ‘woman-up’ and realize that the path our lives takes is in our own hands. We have choices.

I have a lot of goals in the next little while, and my ‘creative list’ seems to keep growing. I can’t show it to you …yet.

But the only ‘dancing’ I want to do is dancing out of my own way and see some greater things happen in the life I’ve been given. I need to keep looking up and make sure I’m not in my own way 😉

For today, be blessed. Look up. Give up excuses. And dance your way to greater things.