To…being uncomfortable, aching thighs, and new comrades

I was the first one to arrive – 20 minutes early.  A few others started to trickle in to the gym, we made casual hellos, and then went back to our phones. You know, because someone really needed to talk to us at that very moment and our Twitter feed was actually more important than the people standing around us. Awkward first night.

One by one, college student after college student joined the bleachers.

Before today I had flashbacks of high school Phys Ed class where usually, almost always, I was the last girl to get picked to join a team. I was petite, what can I say? On my 12th birthday I fractured my arm because I, of all people, got stuck in net during a soccer game at recess.  Whose bright idea was that?

Tonight, to my relief, we were assigned teams.  Ahhh my comrades for the semester! Since there were only six of us, the next two hours was a mad rush of bump, serve, miss, apologize, try and set, hit the net, and running into teammates.  Aaaand that was just me! It was total grace in motion.  I am happy to say my serve still kicks butt 😉

I’m just hoping I can move my legs tomorrow because it was basically like squatting for two hours. But I loved it!

When I was away travelling last year I was reminded that there are plenty of opportunities for trying new things, meeting new people, and daring bold adventures, right in my own backyard.  I just have to look for them.

So, Campus Rec Volleyball, you are one of them. I may not be the fastest, best at spiking or know all the rules (They’ve changed since I last played!), but golly I will be the team’s best cheerleader!

Is anyone else out there trying something new, in your own ‘backyard’?