When red lips speak loudly

One of my aunties used to call me the family “Snow White” because I had dark hair and fair skin. Well, this past week I embodied that. The only thing missing was seven handy men to sing along with me throughout the week 😉  Snow White was the positive side of my new found character. It was either that or I looked like I had enjoyed a bit too much Koolaid.  Regardless, it was an interesting experiment!  …

Red Lips Lesson #1:
Since I rarely (as in maybe 10 of 365 days of the year) wear lipstick, it was a new habit for me to check my teeth before leaving the car and reapply frequently.   At the end of one of my photo shoots this weekend, I hopped into my car and saw my lips glaring back at me in a sweet imperfect state. The red apple shine had nicely worn off to make it seem as though my lips had been bleeding. Nice one.

Risk is messy and rarely perfect the first time. Somehow the imperfection says, “I’ve done something, been somewhere, and am here to tell the story.”

Red Lips Lesson #2:  I felt like people could see my mouth before they knew who it was coming. From work, to Starbucks, to church, to the hospital to visit my friend’s new baby girl, HELLO lips!

Trying new things makes you stand out. People will stare. Dare it anyway.

Red Lips Lesson #3: I received very few comments on my lips. Perhaps it really wasn’t ‘my thing’, but I found myself really wanting affirmation from other people! “Oh I LOVE your new lipstick! Where’d you get it? It suits you!” Ya know, those kinds of words. But little did I get of that.

You can’t wait for people’s affirmation before you step out. You’ll never try anything new if you do. When you boldly go where you haven’t gone before….own it, embrace it.

Red Lips Lesson #4: If I had given up on my challenge after the first day, I never would’ve realized that actually, to be honest, I don’t mind a bit of red lip.  One of the guys at work did comment that it “suited a dimension of my personality”. I THINK that was a compliment. But, had I given up after the first day, I wouldn’t have discovered that red, in all its bold vibrancy, actually does share a part of who I am.

Anything new takes time to adjust. After initial fright fades, you realize a new part of yourself you wouldn’t of known had you fled.

Red Lips Lesson #5:  I found that since I knew my lips would be glaring red every day, I had to pay more attention to what I chose to wear. I love fashion, but the red lips became another accessory.

You never know what you already have that given the right ‘accentuation’ could complete your personal look!

My Revlon “Really Red” will be staying in my make-up case and will remind me now and again to be bold, try something new, and once in a while, it’s ok to be uncomfortable.

Inspired to find your own red lipstick?

Disclaimer: this feels like a bit too much of “me”, but here goes… publish.


4 thoughts on “When red lips speak loudly

  1. Karissa says:

    I agree – red lipstick is fun!
    I look good in red lipstick and I love it, but the reapplying is what gets me… And doing it so often gets annoying!
    Love this blog 🙂


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