Prairie Skies

Last weekend, the last long one of the summer, I drove 3000 miles to be home with my parents for a couple days. I had my Starbucks to drink, Β Joe Champion and Joyce Meyer preaching to power up, and “Rush Hour Spanish” to challenge me. Let’s just say I quickly realized I will need to listen to CD #1 of Spanish several times!

The smell of hay and harvest mixed with the sounds of crickets somehow brings such a calm. Enjoy my little journey out of the city!

This first frame was a random stop on the #1 Highway. I have driven this road for nearly 13 years and never stopped here before. But this time, the water beckoned me and I needed a stretch break. I grabbed my camera and meandered this bird lookout…

Frame #2 and #3 My Mom and I enjoyed some time experiencing the new train that tours local small towns. As well as a drive up the dirt road to a small lake (that is lower this year due to less rain)…

Frame #4 … I spent a few hours hanging out with Dad in the combine. I haven’t done that since I was a little girl!



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