Tea Room – Just like Grandma’s

Remember when you used to go to Grandma’s for cake and tea, and perhaps a game of cards? I do.
I would always get way more than I asked for, plus lots of hugs.
And now, I am working in a tea room in England that looks a lot like that – going to Grandma’s for tea.

There’s been a lot of good response in this community. I hear common phrases such as,
“It’s not a franchise like that Starbucks!” or “You can get a proper cup of tea here!”
Sure, the general demographic tends to be over 70 with crowned teeth and a cane, but I am loving it. I am loving the people I get to meet.
I am loving the questions like, “Where are you from?” and “Do you have decaf?”

You can come for afternoon tea, scones and fresh looseleaf tea from Poland, or delicious homemade sandwiches!

If there are lulls between customers (which are few and far between!) I ask two of my coworkers to teach me Lithuanian.
It’s all about the roll of the “rrrrrr” from what I can tell!
Labas! Kaip tu! (Hello! How are you?)

Yet again, another experience I am thankful for!

In case you’re wondering, we do have some fantastic coffee as well 😉

(Disclaimer: These photos were taken during a lull. At lunch time, we have to turn people away at the door as we are so full!)


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