*be* : england park

where lovers meet, and strangers smile
where friends unite, and dogs run wild

 this path of color, shows no wear
it just invites you to sit and stare

so meander I do, and capture with a lens
the beauty pored from heaven’s hands

do you see this place called earth
or do you hasten, forgetting life’s worth

may you be wise, thankful and happy
but never forget the need to… just be


4 thoughts on “*be* : england park

  1. Miki says:

    sheens Grewal – I absolutely adore your phpaogrtohy skills! so different than other photographers! your touch of the colors, scenery, and locations brings a magical sense into the photographs you capture!! Enjoy looking at these pictures, your blog, and website. I was wondering how much would you charge for a graduation shoot? I graduate next year in May and I would love you to capture some moments =] please let me know James, thanks for your time!


    • lanilea says:

      Hi Miki! Thank you for your kind words. If you take a look under “Photography Packages” it will list different rates and packages. My contact info is also there. Thanks!


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