I Stop. Breathe.

I’ve been trying now and again to challenge myself to write differently. And I don’t at all claim to be a poet…but I gave it a go…

My steps light, but sure

Your hand soft, yet strong
I stop. Breathe. You lift me up.

If I could see your face, would I feel different
In the absence of a form, I still know
I stop. Breathe. Your hand is ever there.

Peel back the pride, the reasoning
The wants that lead me astray
I stop. Breathe. I only want Your way.

Iā€™d not change a day of fighting up
Iā€™d not give away a moment that led me closer
I stop. Breathe. What else can I do.

My knees they bend. My eyes they close.
Remember what I am and am not.
I stop. Breathe. I am your daughter. Loved.