Decorating in haste no more – thinking of our next home

We are on the move! ‘Er, we want to be. Our house is up for sale (privately), and the sign is out front, waiting for the right buyer to come knocking. You know how hard this is for a planner/nester/18 weeks pregnant woman like me?! We need another bedroom and yard space for a growing family, and a detached garage for Troy’s growing business.

When we moved in to this duplex bungalow 2.5 years ago, we were newlyweds and I was ITCHING to decorate and set up our home. Our things had been in boxes since our wedding five months prior, and I had a looming deadline for an article I was writing, in which I had to share photos of our “first home”. That put the pressure on to get some things on the walls and furniture in place.

Our first gallery wall 😉

After a re-do!









But it made me do everything in haste. And I re-hung things several times (ahem, our gallery wall for instance). I didn’t give myself time to rest in this new place and get a vision for our style and what we could do with what we already have, and where we could save and work towards building. I guess we worked with what we had!  Fortunately, we inherited some beautiful antique pieces over the last few years, and have also bought some statement pieces that I still love and will work in our next home!

This piano belonged to Troy’s Dad, and I’ve been given permission to paint it. But I’m waiting until we’re settled into our new home to decide on colour! I also love love that antique gold mirror!

I still love our copper T&L and our headboard that Troy made xo

We bought this clock with wedding gift money – still love it!

That hutch was a wedding gift from my in-laws! I love it!

I don’t know about you, but social media, Pinterest especially, puts this instant pressure to have things just so. To “share your home” in all its glory. And I feel it. I swung with the trends and definitely did some things Troy and I like, but I feel like my style has evolved.

So with our next home, I want to let it breathe a bit. No matter how many renos it needs or anxious I feel before baby arrives to get things done, I want to decorate with things I love, that we can afford, that have meaning, and bring us joy as a family. I see a lot more color in our next home 😉

Fortunately, Troy and I have very similar tastes – somewhere along the lines of rustic-chic-French with a touch of bohemian (the last three are likely more me 😉 ) We want more navy, less greige. I want more pattern and pops of color with accent textured walls like wood and wallpaper and wainscoting. Since we knew this home was temporary and for a certain demographic (adult), we never really made it our own and feel like we’ve lived in exit mode the whole time. But, you work with what you have, right? We are super thankful for the time we’ve had in this home. I know I may not have the pristine granite countertops right away again, or the grass cut for me (hello HOA), but we are ready to move on and see what God has for us next!

And while time has never been my best friend (I like things done NOW), I am wanting to learn to like to sit next to it, abide there, and give myself (and Troy!) time to make it our own, beautiful in its own time. And of course, however we create our home, it has to be kid-friendly, so I must keep that in mind now!

So, that being said, here are some styles I am loooooooving and what I’d like to incorporate in to our next home (click on the photo to take you to the original site):

Great use of shutters for a French textured look

Wood wall and built ins

Brick, somewhere in the house! Please?

Something about this I love – the floor, the wood doors. Black, white, and wood!

Love this look too, no link available. White with wood butcherblock counters and a chandelier!

Botanicals! And some piece of furniture in navy blue.

I’d like to do a navy feature wall in our room. And I love this rug! Our furniture is cream, so I think something more dramatic on the wall would be great! Photo from House & Home magazine, no link available.

Elizabeth will soon be in a big girl room, and we have an antique brass bed. So I envision navy, pink, gold and maybe mustard yellow for her room. But I need to think on that one more! And once we find out if we’re having boy or girl (two weeks!), then I can start planning the next nursery! 😉

Can you tell I’m excited? Lord, help me to trust Your timing and be patient!

Just a Minute devotional – now available!

Today’s the day! I am happy to share my new self-published book, Just a Minute: discovering grace in life’s transitions. This book is a collection of 31 devotional blog posts that were written during the past three years. These three years brought the greatest change for me – marriage and motherhood! But in it, I finally discovered and experienced what God’s grace actually is, after being a Christian most of my life!

God is so good and faithful.

To get a print copy visit here

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And to share a little bit more about the book, here’s a teaser video…

Thank you all for your support and kind words along the way. Especially my husband! I wouldn’t have the opportunity to write, let alone the push to do so, without you. And allowing me to share our home and stories with others 😉 I love you babe!

Happy 3 years to us 

We sat on the bench, staring out at the lake – licking our ice cream cones. We had just met like a few days prior.  Then you said, “hey, let’s take a picture” And I melted.

I was dumbfounded that it was so easy. Is this for real? . I’d always forced things or thought I had to “try” so much harder to make love happen.

But then I met you. And comfortable and easy were our anchors. Jesus was our mutual King and we laid all our cards on the table from the get go.

One year later, almost to the date, we were married.

From two moves in six months, a new church and community of friends, starting businesses and pursuing creativity, a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way — There’s no one I’d rather ride the waves of life with than you Troy.

We fight more, are more honest, and challenge each more now than ever. But it’s comforting. Because we fight for us.  We know what each other needs better and try harder to meet that. And I appreciate that. And even though my pregnancy hormones have me all like “don’t touch me” at times, I still don’t want a king bed because I’d rather have you close at night. 😘

I am proud of you, babe. The man God is shaping you to be. I am so thankful for how hard you work so I can stay home to be with our kids. I am honoured to be your wife my love. Here’s to three years of I Do. And a bazillion more 😘

(Four years later, in the same place as our first ever photo together)

Father or Fixer?

It had been a while since she’d felt that kind of love. If ever. The little girl of 9-years, having only recently been adopted, was soaking up all the ways her new family lived life. They prayed before their meals; not devoured them before the head-mistress finished plopping it on their plates, like where she came from. The father lovingly looked at his four children, and his wife. He had an air of protection and compassion about him. Qualities the little girl found foreign, and hard to trust. Could he really be that nice? The mother was nurturing, tending to her family’s needs with love, even when she clearly seemed tired. This family is now mine. Really?

As supper drew to a close, the guilt that weighed on the little girl grew tighter in her chest, leaving no room for lemon pie. Father noticed something was off, so as the others cleared the table, he motioned for her to come.

Hesitantly, she picked up her feet and approached this man. ‘Er, her father.

“What’s wrong Fern? You seemed far away at dinner tonight.”

She had lied earlier, about something she broke. A treasured item to be sure. And she couldn’t escape the feeling. But this household did things differently, and just being with them made her want to be different. So, she confessed.

Fearful of father’s reaction, the little girl stared at her feet, hands fidgeting. She was certain he’d fix the situation to be painful for her – ensuring she learned her lesson, never to forget it. She prepared her heart for his response.

“You know what I said earlier, about the plate? It was my fault. I broke it. I’m, I’m really sorry and understand if you want to send me away.”

“Send you away!” Father laughed. Not a sarcastic laugh. A comforting one.

She looked up. He continued.

“My dear little girl. You are a part of our family now. What’s ours is yours. I appreciate your honesty. How about we fix it together later? It’ll be like new; even better.” Father drew her in with an embrace that melted her, her fear, and all her worries.

It felt like home. Another foreign feeling, but one she was learning to get used to.


It has occurred to me in recent years, that my view of God as Father was, well, not necessarily one of “Father”. That only became evident to me when I sensed Him removing idols and the sin that was actually in my heart revealed to me how little I trusted Him. It’s easy to stand in church on Sundays and sing songs of trust and surrender, until the days when you feel Holy Spirit sanctifying you and you want to run back to old ways; comfort.

But what really changes us?

The reality in our HEARTS of the heart of God towards us as His children; the reality of what Jesus truly accomplished on the cross for us.

A.W. Tozer says, “At the heart of the Christian message is God Himself waiting for His redeemed children to push in to conscious awareness of His presence.”

Without conscious awareness of my broken perception, I viewed God as One Who more wanted to fix me and make an example of me, than One who wanted to continuously love me and make me His. Forevermore. Not just that, but that I had to fix me and any situation in order to feel the peace He had already paid for.

It’s exhausting work.

In 2 Timothy 1:12 Paul says in one of his letters, “That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.”

You see, we can know everything the Bible has to say, but until we know the one WHOM it is written from and about, we remain in slaves to ourselves. I’m still enslaved in areas, and trying to trust God to fix that. ‘Er, to love me through that and walk into freedom in Him, I mean 😉

How do we approach Him as Father, instead of Fixer?

I came across this one day, and this lady, Elyse Fitzpatrick, said it well:

“Now, I’m not saying that we don’t pursue obedience, but if you learn how to read the Bible, all of the commands, particularly in the Epistles, but Jesus said it was everywhere. All of the commands are in the context of what Christ has already done.

So when Peter in 2 Peter is talking about this list of ‘add to your faith virtue, and to your virtue, knowledge, and to your knowledge, self-control, and to your self-control, steadfastness,’ when Peter is doing all of that, he’s talking in a context. And the context is: You have been forgiven, so live in the light of that. Not get your pen out and make a list of the things you’re going to do today, and then detach it from the context. Do you understand?… Now, in light of that, serve God. Do you see what I’m saying? This is the message we need. Isn’t it the message you need? It’s the message I need. I need it every day because if you tell me, “Here’s the forty-two things you need to do to get the bus down the road,” I’m either going to be proud because I did it or despairing because I didn’t.

But if you tell me, “Jesus Christ has done it all for you, Elyse, be filled with joyous zeal, run with your whole heart after Him,” and I’ll say, “Oh, yes, Lord. I will run. And then, in all the ways that I don’t, thank You, and in all the ways that I do, thank You, and I know that You will accomplish all Your good will.” (Elyse Fitzpatrick, sermon on the gospel,

How do we live trusting our Father wants to love us and not just fix us? We live in light of what He has already done, and trust Him for what He is going to do.

Hold hands with me, dear readers, I am on this journey too. But I have caught deeper and deeper glimpses of Father’s heart – and He is oh so worth it.

Much love.

How getting rid of these household items has improved our health (and our wallet)

From my home to yours, I want to share some ways our health and budget has improved and changed over the past couple of years, simply by eliminating a few products and adding in a few natural ones.

It’s been a 2-3 year process of starting to cut out chemicals in our lives – really around the time I became a wife and had a home to share and take care of!

Now, I was the girl who loved dryer sheets, smelly candles, air fresheners in my car, and conventional cleaners. I liked a clean and smelly house! Then a few months into marriage, and my skin broke out like CRAZY. Like… make me want to cry when I washed my face kind of breakouts. I share more about that journey here. I tried the naturopath, had allergy testing, changed up my skincare and so forth, and did find some products I liked. But they weren’t natural options. After some research, it was clear to me that it was hormonal acne. I was ready to try and do anything!

Fast forward to getting pregnant, and I had a vested interest in my surroundings and how my environment might affect my baby in utero and when it arrived. Did I really want my baby and future children, and us, smelling toxic chemicals from cleaners and fragrances?

Enter doTERRA essential oils. I’ve shared this story here before, about why and how I got involved so I won’t expand any more on that. But there are many things around the house I don’t need to buy anymore because of choosing more natural options, and I can honestly say the health of our family is notable!

It hit me lately.

If we get colds, they don’t last very long. I have noticed this with my daughter, and Troy and I. We load up on oils, apple cider vinegar, lemon – options that are healthy and likely in your pantry. A few years ago, when I got a cold, it lingered for 2-3 weeks and was very hard to shake! I honestly attribute this change to cutting out/limiting chemicals (like artificial fragrances and harmful cleaners) in our home.

There’s loads of research on how hormones are affected by chemicals and toxins, and after the struggles I’ve had, I was and am willing to do whatever I can to eliminate hormone disruptors! We also eat healthier (less eating out, more homemade) than we did a couple years ago, and I know that helps. I am not completely “there” in finding all the clean products I like, but I have noticed a difference in the past two years and I am certain that this journey has had something to do with it!

Take a look at the list below of things I don’t need to buy anymore (or ever did, but many homes do) and what the average annual cost is per household:

*dryer sheets – average $3.97 for 80 sheets – x 6 times a year = $24 annually

*candles – average $10-15 spent every month or two (my prior cost) = average $60 annually

*home air fresheners – average $4-12, depending on quantity = average $25 annually

*car fresheners – $4 each x 3 year = $12

*all purpose cleaning spray – average $4 bottle x 2 year = $8 year

*counter top spray – $5 each x 3 year = $15 year

*veggie & fruit spray – $5 bottle x 2year = $10

*Cold FX – 18 capsules = $12 annually (or other cold medications)

*Advil – $10 bottle x 3 year = $30 year

*time off work = invaluable

That’s $196 year in cleaners (a conservative number!), fragrances and cold medication, not even including dish and laundry detergent, or toiletry items like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, hairspray, etc. Many of which doTERRA sells or I make my own.

I believe your health is worth the adventure of giving up some of these toxins and fragrances! There are some very simple steps you can take, just to get started!

Please hear my heart –  I actually want you and your family to have the best chance of health that you can!

Now, I still struggle with my skin from time to time, and after our recent holidays and my crazy breakouts, I am most certain it’s more related to food than I realized. Though pregnancy hormones also make it harder to determine the cause 😉

I talk more about the uses of doterra oils in the kit I started with here, in this post. 

Your health could get a huge lift just by getting rid of the above items from your home, and adding in essential oils, along with some good ‘ol vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil! In everything from cleaning mildew, scrubbing grime out of your sink, cleaning dishes, countertops, bathrooms, floors, and even some toiletries, some doTERRA oils and On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, along with vinegar, baking soda, and/or coconut oil, will go a long ways in helping you clean your home naturally and without chemicals!

Just think about it. I’m laying down a challenge!

Want to learn more? Visit here to learn more about the oils I love, and let’s connect!